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Wink Interview Tonight!

Signs Of Life Radio . . . .
your chance to listen
. . .to question
. . . to learn
Tonight's Guest . . .
Thomas Ramey Watson, PhD
Do Pets Have A Psychic Sense?

Dr. Thomas Ramey Watson is a professor, writer and psychotherapist who is the author of many scholarly writings, but he also writes about journeying in various realms of the mind, the physical world and the soul. He believes that all of us can use the insights gleaned from becoming aware of the intersecting planes of existence for fuller and more deeply lived lives. His book Baltho - The Dog Who Owned a Man tells the story of his psychic relationship with an extraordinary dog that actually assisted him in his psychotherapy practice and life.

Baltho: The Dog Who Owned a Man
by Thomas Ramey Watson by Barn Swallow Media

List Price: $14.99
Our Price: $9.36
Buy Now
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