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Actually, Sweetheart, we moved last Monday on the 4th. And Sean is just loving it. And so am I. Everything, in everyway, is mucho better for us both.

Everyday, when I go to see him, we just both roll our eyes at how good everything is and we are so very grateful.

Prosperity comes to mind. We both are prospering now in numerous ways. Sean says to me that he has no negative feedback for where he is now, none.

Nor do I. It seems that we have gone through a lot of situations that needed a great deal of acceptance and allowance. But now, we find that we feel we are being "treeted".

We are loving it and are so grateful. Gratitude certainly rules the day where we are concerned. As we have found, the more gratitude we exude, the better things get and the more gratitude we have. It is a wonderful "Spiral of Uplifting Energies" that promote Good Feelings for sure.

Today, Sean had an extraordinary day. He got up and out of bed at 6:00 am in his wheelchair. Went outside and witnessed another resident that is a young person who has experienced strokes in his youth that has left him wheelchair bound but was so in joy of listening and watching the birds sing and play that Sean was totally enthralled with his joy of just being in the moment. Sean so appreciated the witness that he too experienced it.

Then he went to the Hair Stylist on property for a haircut and beard trim. He said that was a great experience in that, the hair stylist kept commenting about how thick his hair was and that everybody would envy that. Anyway, an hour and a half later, he came out looking like a champ. She did an extraordinary job on both his hair and beard. And we were both appreciative of that. (Now, I don't have to do it!)

Then Sean went to The Mint here in Saginaw on a Field Trip. I had no idea that we have a Mint here that makes a portion of the money, I forgot what Sean told me, anyway, he said it was very interesting.

So, all in all, he had a wonderful day. And so did I. Thank you all for sharing our little world with us.

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