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Default For Ulla

Thank you are so brave and true. Just joining in with you as a fellow wonderer...sometimes wondering if the zero point isn't actually the only point and the All as everything is nothing and nothing is paraphrase many knowlegeable Masters from many earthwalk "systems" known perhaps, as the mystical ones. Never seen red.... only more shining rainbow colors. It is interesting that you see some red as it holds a myraid of vibrations ...hotter ones perhaps, than the others. As most people know the significances can be daunting (because of the many interpretations about this color). In some meditation systems, for example, red is the first chakra energy at the base of the kundalini energy and symbolizes grounding in some systems. In others or to others, as the case may be, red is the primary color of feminine energy, female power and/or earth energy and blood as is the symbolic case in many Native American tribes and placed as such on many medecine wheels.
Here's hoping part of your beautiful vision fortells of the return of this energy which has, in fact been so misused by the dominant patriarchical systems which have been dominant in todays world for far too long. We do live on Mother Earth not Father Earth...maybe you went into the red as a womb symbol. And, of course, in parts of the Orient, red is for luck and happiness and the world can certainly use this vibration at this cycle!

Love to you,
The Happy Wonderer
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