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Thumbs up Tonglen

A lovely breathing technique dear Peg! I hope your recovery is a gentle one Shar and Peg.What's with these falling down accidents this 2013?? me three! Tonglen is a very powerful form of compassionate meditation.One of my mentors Dr.Joan Borysenko ,said in one of her beautiful books,Pocketful of Miracles,that "the Tibetan lamas say that the only thing we can harm with Tonglen is our ego and its self-grasping which will dissolve in the intention of compassion." The art of taking on another's pain and sending back love is a challenge indeed...easy enough to do for those you love/care about but when it comes to the pains of your perceived enemy,well...there in lies the challenge of letting go of the ego and practising true forgiveness,a lifetime worth of work for sure! bless you all and may you be healed!
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