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Default changing future lives

Like dominos a change in this life would alter future lives.But here's the problem how would it be better or worse.By being awaken in this life you have changed future lives in that you will be awake sooner in the next life and so on until your like Cayce.Many ititys choose not to come back when there at that level just be a spirit guide to lesser spirits.
I seen a reality show the other day that made me stop in my tracks.Robots that box and the people put on this gear to move there robots arms to box.Robots that fly fighter planes and lanch missles at people with our man at the control in a base.But the new ones will be ran by computers guided from base with no maned controls.I know theres no going back but can you see whats happening.
Mars was there life nasa says yes.The aliens could be us many thousands of years ago.Maybe space beings think they can do better this time.
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