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Default For Deb

Sooo this is moving day! Hooray...hooray! I've got chills of joy for you both.

As I prayed for you and Sean this morning...I felt something was but, I couldn't tell exactly what it was but, it felt really good!

Now after reading this post, it all makes complete sense! And thank you for keeping us updated at this busy time for you all.
My heart is very full, i am so pleased for you and Sean and this new turn of events.
Many here are all still here with you as are many on the other side, who also love you alot. Your faith and courage to persevere will surely find you among the angels one day...not that you already aren't but the earthwalk time and this road is the gentle and best one for now. It might be that Sean will one day write a book about his experiences on this journey that could inspire never know.
Also... feeling very happy to know precious Peg will be there, too!
Love always,
(Vata,Pitta,and Kapha) lol (Knew you'd be wondering!)
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