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Default Shar

Originally Posted by shar777
After readying this..."I breathe in the Spirit of God, and I send it forth with Love".... I tried it a few times and it felt so "right".
I had a bad fall down a half a flight of stairs 2 days ago. Im 62 today. Too old to be falling down stairs. LOL. Im going to use this. Thank you so much! ~ Shar

Dear Shar,
As SisterLura has said 'OUCH' . I do hope your recovery is progressing well and that you will be back to your normal agility in no time. Am asking that healing energies surround you for what is most needed.

I am humbled, yet rejoice, that the technique I have shared resonates and is assisting you in some way. May it continue to do so...

Love and a gentle hug....Peg
Blessed Be,
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