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Front page of the New York Times this morning--"Major Grocer to Label Foods With Gene-Modified Content." Whole Foods (not surprisingly) has announced that by 2018, it will require all GM foods sold in its stores will need to be properly labeled. They claim that customers, already, have responded positively (i.e., with their money) when foods are described as non-GM.

The article also mentions the struggles in CA and that similar initiatives have qualified for the ballot in not only WA state, but also MO (of all places!).

Reading such an article is not a bad way to start a lazy Saturday morning after a long week!

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* Footnote 1: I won't pretend that I don't have issues with Whole Foods. For example, it has a history of being rather anti-union, which--if you cannot tell by my pseudonym--is an issue for me. However, neither will I pretend that I do not regularly shop there. Its anti-union past is a topic for another thread. Kudos to Whole Foods in this (seemingly reasonable and simple) promise to properly label food.

** Footnote 2: For any of you out there living in the Chicago-land area, join the CSA (community supported agriculture). My farm is Genesis Growers--let Farmer Vicki bring you her local, organic (non-GM) veggies and eggs every week! Here is her website:
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