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I'll check out all of your suggestions, above! i have quite the commute to/from work, and lately, i've been listening to archived independent expression broadcasts (thank you bluetooth technology!). will queue up your suggestions.

Also . . . i'm not convinced my theory on plant respiration is not wholly off point. Plants certainly do not breathe out oxygen at nearly the same rate we breathe out CO2 . . . will continue to research.

This is a bit off topic, but not quite . . . about a month or so ago on NPR, there was an interview with a man named Robert Elwood who had just written an article in The Journal of Experimental Biology about how shock avoidance by discrimination learning in the shore crab is consistent with a key criterion of pain. I have not read the actual article yet, but in the interview, Mr. Elwood explained that his experiment was inspired by what he thought was the inhumane treatment of crab, muscles, and other sea life in the insatiable food consumption market of the west. His research and experiment was basically advocating for the more humane treatment of crabs, etc.--akin to the awareness some in our culture have regarding more humane treatment of mammals and chickens, etc. , in the food consumption market (although I do not eat animals, myself, advocating a more reasonable and humane way of treating animals before they enter they inevitably enter the food chain seems an admirable pursuit).

Anyway, I am getting off point here--what was my point?--I think I was going to draw the analogy (or question) of fear/pain/emotions of plants. In fact, I believe Mr. Elwood brought up carrots in his interview. Ah, something to queue up for the long commute into the office . . . Yes, that is where I was going . . . and where I am . . . now.

namaste, bowls of cherries!
"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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