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Originally Posted by Norma Rae
I'd love to discuss gardening, plants, and vegetarian cooking with those interested here on the Encounter Board, but wasn't sure where this thread best fit. I am an avid vegetarian cook and "budding" organic gardener and would love tips or swapping gardening/cooking secrets with anyone as this spring season begins!

Also, my partner and I are members of a CSA here in the Chicago area, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We purchase a "share" of a local farm every year (for the spring and summer seasons) and pick up our box of goodies each week at a local drop-off site. Any of you do that? Perhaps we are getting the same veggies and fruits and can share ideas about what else we can do with a box of beets or kohlrabi!

Finally--and this is almost off topic--but what do you think of the spiritual life of plants (or their spiritual residue of past owners or their spiritual interaction with humans)? Clearly, nature is infused with the spirit source--thank you, Whitman, Emerson, Thoreau, Coleridge, Oliver, Berry, Muir, Abbey, etc, etc, etc! I have a specific example/question that I am reminded of during each morning meditation sit. In my yoga/meditation room at home, I have two plants that belonged to my dear (best) friend who died 2 years ago (a sudden tragic death at the young age of 37). In the room, there are other artifacts of her as well . . .but the plants--lately, I have had the realization, or question rather, that the oxygen that her plants are breathing out to me now as I sit in meditation each morning may actually be the residual effects of her breath--her CO2--that she gave to those plants? I don't know if this is biologically correct at all, but it is quite a powerful thought to meditate upon each morning . . . a beautiful circle of life . . . creation and destruction . . . and the ongoing presence of spirit . . . om shiva om.


Well the Inca Shamans have a healing ritual that they perform
to get rid of heavy energy in one's energy body. i used to
practice it regularly, but haven't for centuries now. (just kidding).
(or maybe not. Ha!) They call this heavy energy Hucha. They
don't define energy as being good or bad, but rather light and
heavy and they say that humans are the only living things on
mother earth who create it. Anyway Hucha is the heavy energy
and Sami is the light energy and all the work is done thru the
spiritual stomach. We draw the light energy from the sky while
sending the heavy energy down to Mother Earth. They say the
Hucha does not hurt Mother Earth; that she makes use of it
much like she makes use of compost or manure to help her
grow beautiful and necessary things.
As for plants absorbing and retaining our energy? Maybe; but
i can't imagine it. They seem to feel love and neglect though;
if they have to rely on us (the wild plants aren't effected by
us at all, i don't think) but i don't think they retain the carbon
dioxide they take in from us but rather transform it immediately
to oxygen, much like we do the opposite thru our own breathing.
i usually sleep pretty well but i couldn't sleep tonight for
some reason. Maybe now i can.

i may have been hasty in stating that the wild ones aren't
effected by us. there are the pesticides that reach them
and other pollutants, i imagine. But do they adapt through
time like we do eventually to just about everything that
comes along?
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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