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Default not feeling so good tonight

.... after watching the film " The Fourth Kind" wich is or is supposed to be about UFOs / encounters

I have to say that no film has ever let me feel like being kind of like violated like this did. All the time they make you think you are watching a documentary film , they switch from the actress over to conversations with the real person .. show you the " real " videotapes and so on. At some point in the movie , I thougt ... this cant be a documentary film , because what was said and showed just went against everyting I believe and have read here and in books. But in the end they go on and tell you where these persons are today , what they are doing and so on.

Afterwards I ran to the computer and googled the name of this woman whos the main character in the movie and I just cant tell you how reliefed I was when I saw from some discussions on the internet from terrified people like me , that this film is a science fiction thriller ( like they call it) .... they call it a mockumentary film.

I may be a little upset now ... and i dont get upset easily , but I think making a MOCKUMENTARY film about something like this is just cruel and somehow dishonest. You would understand me if you would see it , wich I truly hope you will never do.

This just makes me think about the moral side of film making. At my opinion you can do horror movies ... all kind of movies , but I think its not fair to do it in that way.

Well I am probably just histerical right now. Been trapped in for the whole day because of snowstorm.

So now I go to sleep .... alone ... in a snowstorm , LOL

Love La
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