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Listening to the show now . . . [aside: do members here ever engage in live chats in the chat room while the show is playing? Might be fun and useful] . . . I admire so much those who are skilled and trained in the Ayurvedic sciences. It is so complex and layered that--to me--it is often overwhelming and difficult to apply in my life without seemingly contradicting it at the same time.

I am not sure if Dr. Kshirsagar with address this, but as I understand it, you should eat foods that balance your natural dosha. For example, I am a pitta (primarily) and, therefore, should probably avoid fire-inducing foods like spicy foods. But--of course--I am SO attracted to spicy foods. However, you should also balance your diet with the seasons as well. So what is a pitta--one who should avoid spicy foods--to do in the winter time when one should eat warming foods? This is especially important to those of us who live in the Midwest where we need as much warmth as possible!

Should a Midwestern pitta eat just a little spice, but not as much as I really want, in winter?

Hope you all are enjoying the show!

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