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Hi Again

Was thinking of how we are connected all of us....some are not activated into the spiritual journey,...could be one day when we all are aware of we are ONE consciousness, and use the spirituality to act and growth, with this power of love, wisdom and LIGHT, make the world a better vibrational place to live in.....when we use the extra sense..the spirit to guide us around in the huge "take away board" by the cosmic knowledge..the more we can use it to do miraculous thing together and for oneself....but the most important is to love your self unconsciously..over and over again...thus when we do this..we can be a brick full of inside do a huge difference,..for YOURSELF,...and when YOU are happy,..and feel a strong energy within you,...everyone around you feel secure and safe,...and on top of that...the person have send a light seed og cosmic info by the new vibrational energy,...

Spirituality is an energy we will feel more and more on another way of living in our daily life....and I think it is because we are more and more aware of we belonging to a huge universal network.....and that grid/network could transmit some kind of impulse vibrations into our body, spirit and mind...more faster than before.

And our own consciousness can reactivate this impulses in our own network, into our neurone in the brains inner network...etc.etc.

And if we are aware of this..we can receive so much cosmic knowledge...what ever we want.....

Love you all
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Love yourself first, then you can love others.

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