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Originally Posted by ZenBear
Hi Shirley, I'm Teddy Peugh,
I totally enjoyed "Out On A Limb" I moved to Evansville Indiana 18 years ago, from Lynwood CA and Corona CA. I always enjoyed the long lazy hours at the Bodhi Tree, both shops. At 60 years old and having lived with being HIV + since about 1983, I have decided to go back to school abnd study Psycholgy focusing on Art Therapy. I joined the web site yesterday and I'm happy to be here and thank you all.

Hey ZenBear,
Welcome. There's an art forum below where you can post
images of your art work (or anyone else's) if you ever feel
inclined to do so. Other forums to explore too.
Many blessings,
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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