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Default Essential Oil Advice?

Good evening, Bowls of Cherries!

Reading the most recent newsletter from Shirley, it encouraged me to add a few new essential oils to my rotation. She recommended peppermint, sweet orange, ylang ylang to name a few. Admittedly, I regularly use peppermint for a morning essential oil. But today at the local whole foods, I added some sweet orange and ylang ylang. Once home, I whipped up a few batches of conditioning oils (I mix essential oils with sesame oil for an alternative body lotion) and came up with the following: (1) morning essential oil of peppermint and sweet orange; (2) evening essential oil of lavender (for sleep) and a few drops of eucalyptus (to ease sore muscles); (3) the Shirley equinox mix of peppermint, sweet orange, and ylang ylang; and (4) a standard of mine--good ol' nag champa. I couldn't wait to try it out, the "Shirley mix" was, indeed, divine--invigorating yet relaxing enough to use for the evening.

I am curious to know about any "recipes" you all have for essential oil mixes. Also, if any of you have any recommended reading material on this subject, please share! My curiosity is already piqued!

Namaste from the Midwest....
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