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Default So True!

Deb Abbott... you little Tri-Doshic Dosha you!

You are balanced, centered and inspiring ... until youíre not. If you do go out of balance, every single dosha is affected, and itís not only frustrating to sort out which dosha to treat first, it can be a long process.
Most people who are Tridoshic have a very strong immune system, and tend to rely heavily on it, but as with all doshic combinations, even YOU can go out of balance.

Tell me more about Tri-Doshic Doshas.Ö read more

Tell me more about Tri-Doshic Doshas...

Because you have the capacity of a good immune system and strong constitution, people come to you to help work out a situation as you can instill your sage advice - you are a guiding light to those who seek it, but if you're not careful, you can burn out that light.

Itís important to be completely conscious of your body at all times Ė a little like being aware of your luggage when you travel. When youíve finished with a situation, rest and repair, as some situations are harder on you than others. Your mantra should be LISTEN. Listen to your body and listen to your intuition. If you feel that something is going to take too much of your time and health, it probably is. Remember, itís OK to say no.

This is so true of my experience.


Love, Deb
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