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Default Life is Good!

Hi Wolfdog and all my lovely friends here on We have some new and exciting news to share.

As Sean's physical therapy began on his right leg that just concluded with all the surgeries necessary for him to stand on it again, the total weight of his body caused some muscle/tendon tears which resulted in some inflammation.
Sean and I agreed that the physcial therapy should be suspended until he has his prothesis on his left leg to help balance the weight - as we certainly do not want to further damage the right leg.

Because of this, Sean realized that it would not be possible for him to come home on just one foot. So, he asked me if he could at least get closer to home with a facility in the vacinity of our home. Well, yeah!. I told him that I had a place in mind that is just two minutes from our apartment. Funny, he called me early one morning to let me know that one of his CNA's had worked at a facility very close to the apt and gave me the address. I said, "Sean, that is exactly the place I am going to check out for us." So, that was one of those synchronistic moments.

Now, this was just last week and on Monday, Sean will be moving to this new facility which is just wonderful. I took the tour this morning and felt the energies very conducive to Sean's needs. From everything we have heard about it to the touring of it, it looks perfect for our needs of today. Both Sean and I are totally thrilled at this new adventure that is just two minutes away from our apartment. I packed up all of his things where he currently is today and all is ready for his move.

We both delight in how, when the energy is right how easily everything just flows into being. Again, we are so grateful.

So, we are looking at another three to six months before Sean is to receive his prothesis. The Physical Therapy Dept at our new place is awesome and best known for their work with amputees. So, you see how everything works out for the best just in the right timing. I glory in how that works out and just love it. Sean is so learning patience - to just put the energy out there and then to allow the Universe to meet it and wham, Source Energy, as we refer to the God Source, just makes the congel for all to come together to meet the need. How beautiful is that.

So, Monday, they will transport Sean to the new facility and we will begin yet another path on our lovely journey of healing within and without. It has been a most fascinating ride to say the least.

Again, I thank the all of you who have exerted your energies our way, even if it was but to read this thread. In that, you shared your energies with us and thus promoted our highest good. Thank you for your recognition of our connection to all.

Blessing you all on your path this evening, much love,
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