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Default The Nature of Matter

A very profound thing; Matter.
Composed of atoms and even much more tinier particles;
it's defined as anything that takes up space and has mass
and (contemplating it today) even within the atom, there
is matter. And even within that matter, there exists
more of it with no name. In fact, i can't intuit ANY realm
that Matter does not dwell in... simultaneously. Can you?
While it is gaseous, it is also liquid, solid and ethereal all
at the same time. While it is something; it is also nothing
at all. It even seems to have a spiritual nature in the form
of consciousness; as if it seeks to be understood not just on
one level, but on the myriad levels that it exists and in all
it's natures, including that creative alchemic nature it has
as it goes thru it's many transformations. We cannot ever
expect Matter to remain the same. Notice how it's a lot
like us?
And funny what goes on when some matter matters. Ha!
How it likes to occupy space in our minds and in our hearts.
So even thought is matter; like air. And emotions; like water.
And devotion; like fire. All matter.
It occurs to me that maybe Matter fully realized could be
the very stuff that Enlightenment is made of. Perhaps
Enlightenment is the very heart of Matter.

Definition of MATTER
a : a subject under consideration
b : a subject of disagreement or litigation
c plural : the events or circumstances of a particular situation
d : the subject or substance of a discourse or writing
e : something of an indicated kind or having to do with an indicated field or situation <this is a serious matter> <as a matter of policy> <matters of faith>
f : something to be proved in law
g obsolete : sensible or serious material as distinguished from nonsense or drollery
h (1) obsolete :reason, cause (2) : a source especially of feeling or emotion
i :problem, difficulty
a : the substance of which a physical object is composed
b : material substance that occupies space, has mass, and is composed predominantly of atoms consisting of protons, neutrons, and electrons, that constitutes the observable universe, and that is interconvertible with energy
c : a material substance of a particular kind or for a particular purpose <vegetable matter>
d (1) : material (as feces or urine) discharged from the living body (2) : material discharged by suppuration
a : the indeterminate subject of reality; especially : the element in the universe that undergoes formation and alteration
b : the formless substratum of all things which exists only potentially and upon which form acts to produce realities
: a more or less definite amount or quantity <cooks in a matter of minutes>
: something written or printed
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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