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Well i took the test and it tells me i am predominately
Kapha Dosha in physical structure, digestion and
lifestyle, but found it quite intriguing that in mind and
emotions, there seems to be a balance between the
three. Though i thought that the percentage of space
and air would be higher since i require so much of it to
be content and balanced in my relationships. But then
again, i guess that's not the space inside me but the
space outside me, eh? Interesting...

Physical Structure
76% Kapha(water and earth)
14% Pitta (fire and earth)
10% Vitta (space and air)

Digestion & Lifestyle
89% Water & Earth
9% Space & Air
2% Fire & Water

Mind & Emotions
42% fire and earth
33% water and earth
25% space and air

((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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