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Hi Loa and all

Our body is build up by a crystalline network, the cross point is in-stored information....and if we have illnesses some place, the tiny light particle inside the crystalline cells...they accumulates into clusters..that's why we got make our cells healthy..we have to clean them ..with the power of the the network is fine and healthy again.

When a place in the body crystallize, it may be because we are forming a tumor or an inflamed place .. on the body that are infected, we assume that we have built up a crystalline network .. so it is understood better why forming diseases .. when crystals are not perfectly clean .. formed clusters .. where it is unclean.
In these crystalline clusters .. it is almost impossible that energy can pass .. ie. slowly formed illness in crystallization.

Will we in the future proficient at using PHDT ... you can use bioenergy to heal with, without operate the patient.
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