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Default Prayers for Sister Lura

Dear Friends,

With SisterLura's permission, I am posting this to ask all of you to join me in surrounding her with your loving and healing daily prayers and energies. Like all of us, Lura is a firm believer in the miraculous power of prayer and group healing energy.

Since her fall in early January, her condition has worsened and she is in continuous severe pain in her back and all down her left leg. She will be seeing her doctor later this month, who has promised to diligently explore avenues other than back surgery, which Lura really and truly does not want.

And God bless her, through all this miserable pain, she still retains her great sense of humor!

So Lura, dear friend, I continue to send loving and healing energies to provide what you most need right now in healing for your highest good. Feel the warmth of our love surrounding you and may it assist in easing your pain more and more in each moment.

Love to you…Peg
Blessed Be,
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