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My partner, Clark, and I were there too, Chi. You are right, the energy that she brought into the room was amazing! It was like the sun had come out from behind the clouds and was blazing from a suddenly clear blue sky. The stories were amazing and the connection we felt with Shirley, and with each other as well, was a wonderful surprise. No "negative crap" at all; no one seemed the least bit interested in it even.

The Q&A was great, too. Clark said that Shirley was like a laser in being able to focus in on what the person really meant from the words they used to ask their questions, suggesting in a loving and humane, life-affirming, way solutions that they needed to hear.

And it was so joyful to finally meet and give a hug to Brit, too, backstage afterwards. (And I now know from her how to pronounce your name properly, Chi=chee, the energy, rather than Chi=chai as in Chi-town.) Being with both of them backstage afterwards was really inspiring; Clark wondered at her stamina, too. After we had our photo taken, Brit said, "She really is flesh and blood." It is true. When the photographer had Clark and I stand on either side of Shirley to have our picture taken, I placed my left arm around her waist and held it there while I wouldn't let the photographer snap the picture until Brit could join us. In that moment, I realized that I liked having my arm there, it felt good.

In thinking about this more after we returned home and I was walking Roxie outside in the park, I realized how starved we can all get in this internet/computer/disconnected way of life - starved for simple human physical affection, starved for a simple cuddle, starved for human touch. As we walked through the cold, white snow, I realized that I already missed both of them, very much.
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