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Originally Posted by OneLight
My dearest friend,
I can hardly believe what I am reading!

I remember a year and a half ago....

Receiving a phone call one evening out of the blue; a phone call
that has to be one of the most devastating and heartbreaking
calls a mother can receive.

I remember a year and a half ago...

Hurridily packing a few bags and leaving in the wee hours of the
morning; driving 13 hours straight through; arriving at the hospital
at 9 pm where Sean was taken into the first of many surgeries
which lasted over 7 hrs; and the suspended sense of time as we
sat in that waiting room; each with our own thoughts; each deep
in our own meditation and prayers.

I remember a year and a half ago...

You and I standing on each side of Sean's bed in the Intensive Care
Unit, him barely conscious, all four limbs and his head swathed in
bandages, machines blinking and beeping, IV units dripping much needed
meds and fluids...

I remember a year and a half ago...

The meetings with the doctors and nurses and patient support staff
who spoke truthfully with no sugar coating; witnessing the tender
vigilant care of the doctors and nurses at Harris focused on his

And in the ensuing year and a half...

I have witnessed the deep inner strength within you that even you
didn't know was there; and despite those moments of feeling down,
tired, stressed, you focused on allowing your inner Light & Love to
shine forth in support and encouragement to Sean every step of the
way. When you needed help, you were brave enough to ask for it,
and many in this community answered that call with the Love and
Light within their own hearts, and continue to do so.

And now, with the latest news you just posted, Sean and you and
all of us have been blessed and gifted with a steady and progressive
recovery that was so difficult to imagine a year and a half ago!

My heart weeps with joy and gently smiles as I recall one of your
favorite mantras ... Life Is Good, and Belief Does Become!



Your lovely words have filled a place in me that needed to be filled. I am ever so grateful for your loving care and your always knowing. Indeed, your Spirit knows my Spirit oh so well. I am so grateful for my best of friends.

Love you dearly,
Life Is Opportunity
Imagination - the Beginning of Creation
Life is Good
Belief Becomes
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