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The fusion reactor was turned on which created a process similar to the Hadron collider. This created such a strong centrifuge, that after a few hours the God particle started to appear. In the chamber next to this, the bones of the giants were kept in an airless container. Watching through a computer screen, I knew it was almost time to open the valves to the accelerator and to direct the God particles to fuse with the bone marrow of the giants.

The remote viewers were in the room, sitting and ready for me to give the OK signal. There were only seven remaining of fifty who had not died from Lyme disease. They were kept alive by daily blood infusions and a cocktail of drugs similar to the one used by Lance Armstrong. Each one was given a glass of liquid which contained DMT. The liquid contained different herbs which kept the DMT from being destroyed by acids in the stomach. On an empty stomach the mixture would effect them in minutes. They had been briefed about the project and practiced the visualization technique to move the God particles to the bone marrow and fuse them with the DNA in the bone marrow. As the remote viewers were drinking the liquid, an acupuncturist started sticking needles in them to stimulate their third eye. Through the screen, I saw that it was time. I gave the signal, and the valve was opened. The remote viewers started chanting, "One mind, One trance", and I kept staring into the computer screen. After about an hour, they were instructed to stop their visualizations and to open their eyes. They were given something to drink and then led back to their rooms to rest. The lab techs took the bone marrow to another room where it was analyzed under an electron microscope. When I looked into the microscope, I knew that a miracle had taken place. The DNA was alive.

The DNA was quickly taken into another room that held the Bigfoot DNA. The two were fused together. Hopefully, this combination, when implanted into a human egg, would produce a race of super remote viewers.
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