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Smile Hi

Hi again

I was thinking about: do we use our spirituality in our daily who have know the energy many years...`?..or are we lazy or just don't think so much anymore about it.....or is it a collective wave who driven us into another way of physically behavior ...or do we use the spiritual way of living as a natural thing...that's why we don't talk so much about it anymore.....that we ARE spiritual human being world wide..and are waiting for the next universal information, new skills/topics to start a "new spiritual beginning"?.

I can see and feel how my spirituality is been a normal part of my life,..before I was not aware of how much we could use it to oneself....the cosmic tools is amazing, I talk about our own I use it more and more like a spiritual gym LOL,....I walk everyday 35-45 min,..and after I by the power of the mind I du an inner exercise to clean up all the negative energy...and let the LIGHT shine up everywhere in my inner network,..listen to classical music..piano or other lovely soft music....thinking of ALL the new wonderful things to happen during the day,....yes we are our own tools to be happy and we can chose to use our spirituality to everything GOOD will happen....for ME today.....even the impossible is POSSIBLE....

Just a thought for the day...

Lovies to all
Love yourself first, then you can love others.

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