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Originally Posted by monti1980
Dear Deb please tell your friend to keep her spirits up. My Mother went through this in 1988 and they ended up taking her right lung and her side tube out. She never had to have chemo, but I do remember I went into a horrible depression. I had lost my father in 1979 and I am an only child. My husband sat me up in bed, where I had retreated, and said the most profound words I have ever heard. Monti she is not dead yet! With those simple words hit me like a ton of bricks and she and I never looked back only ahead, always looking to the future and only positive thoughts. She had been in a very bad auto accident 4 weeks before and broke her leg and nearly sliced her face off, so I was already scared. With her leg in a cast up to her hip here we went to Birmingham, Alabama to see the lung specialist. Anyway she survived and did great, her cancer never came back and she lived another 14 yrs. All this is said to say I really believe in positive thoughts and attitude, it made the world of difference in my mothers case. So please encourage her to never ever think something bad is going to happen, just keep thoughts and energy going forward, always forward. She is in my thoughts and healing prayers. love as always monti

Thank you, Monti. Carroll and I have agreed that "we" are going to get through this.

I guess that about says it all.

Thank you for your loving healing energies.

Love you,
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