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Default Need a Miracle for Carroll!!!

As some of you may know, my friend and employer, Carroll has been diagnosed with Stage 3A Lung Cancer. Friday, she is to go for a biospy.

She is an amazing woman with great strength of character and fortitude. She is determined that she will overcome this as she has overcome an intestinal surgery a couple of months ago which we all helped her with that, too.

She is most receptive of your loving healing energies. I told her about my family here and she said, "My Dad loved Shirley MacLaine, he thought she was the sexiest woman alive." Also, she is aware of all of your participation in Sean's continuing healing, so, yes, she very much wants to be included here with "The Miracle Workers".

So my lovely friends, please join me in sending loving healing energies and intending for Carroll's highest good! What better prayer can one pray for another...

Thank you all for joining me in this, yet, another miracle!!!

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