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Default Sean to Walk Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean's Orthopedic Surgeon gave him permission today to "bear weight on his right foot"! So, they are ordering him a boot cast for protection and as soon as that comes in, Sean will be taking his first steps in 18 months....

Now that he will be able to stand, the Prosthetic Doctor can measure him for a prosthesis for his left leg. So, they will be constructing that for him. And hopefully in the next month or so, Sean will be able to walk through our front door.

Of course, we are both so excited today. One phase completed and another beginning. Hopefully, if all works out, he will be able to come home on "Good Friday" and be home for Easter!!!! I think that would be a very appropriate event for Sean to "Rise Up" as well...isn't that interesting????

So, on this day, our gratitude is great! Can there be degrees of gratitude? I don't know how to say it because we are grateful everyday but today is distinguished because there seems to be a completion of one phase and now we are entering another phase of our journey.

Thanking you all for keeping us in your prayers and intentions and intending for our highest good. For certainly, if you have followed this thread, you know of all the miracles that have occurred to get us to here.

I will be posting a separate thread for my friend and employer, Carroll. Thank you all for including her in your prayers and energy work.

So loving all of you,
Deb and Sean
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