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Default Dear friends

Dear Brit and all

I miss you to,.but remember we are all connected in a circle of light, wisdom and caring for each other....some people have close down the spiritual energy while others have been overload with waves of cosmic information's...and i write so my drawings ,...after face book, twitter, is coming in to our daily lives..we are more "busy" than ever...I think it is a new beginning to many networks we even have understand yet....our own esp abilities have seen ways to be connected...cyberspace is the new world of information to the individuals and teleconferences cross the boarders,...that's why I/my conscious has been many places in the grid/network...around the be "in touch" with so many wonderful person, where I share some of my cosmic info.....but I LOVE to be hug-ed and surrounded by ALL of you on this wonderful and soft encounter board by the members and the people who read what we are sharing,in..Shirley Maclaine`s spirit ,...embraced by other thoughts and knowledge...I learn day by day how we can use more and more our spirituality in many ways to our self and others..........its NOT a coincidence that we receive so many new insight by our own Akashic Records....its all in the tiny billion intelligence photon molecular structure...downloaded from the LIGHT source everything is created it GOD....or what every individuals liked it to call.

And the best thing is: We inhere is a family who cares,..and that make this website so delightful.

Love to all
Love yourself first, then you can love others.

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