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Default The Big Elephant!

Originally Posted by debabbott
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant felt the embrace of The Universe
It was like a wake up call in a sense
So, she went on alert in a way
And began to mark her steps in that day.

It seemed necessary to be definitive of what it was
That called to her in that day
To be attentive to
So, she had to back step and retrace.

It was then that she found that she was sitting
In the motion of an ongoing stream of recognition
Of the daily antics of her current circumstances
And that she had to record her responses.

Now, this seemed rather frivolous at the time.
However, it seemed that it became more important
With every stroke of experience in a day to day rhyme
That she was attempting to articulate.

And then she simply stopped. . .

She sauntered then to the pond that was before her
She lowered her head into the reverance of the waters
She seeped the succulence into her being and allowed
It to enwrap her being with its essence.

Succulence took precedence over all else....

Love, Deb

I am in gratefulness this day for everything that has come into my experience.

Love, Deb
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