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Default Thank you, my dear friend....

Originally Posted by GentleRick

I want you to know that you and Sean have my full support and faith. My experience reading this entire thread last week for the first time filled me with many emotions. I confronted some of my own fears around not being in control of everything (or anything) and whether or not anyone would be there for me just as you have been there for your son and the people of this community have been here for you both. I see this thread as a gift.

As you know, my journey over the past five years or so has been to dive into the unconscious - personal and collective - to make myself more whole. The word heal comes from the same place as whole.

This thread, in my opinion, seems to represent an enormous amount of unconscious power directed towards you, Sean, Peg, your medical team, roommates etc... And I believe you don't take that point lightly. Your gratitude shows tremendous awareness of the benefits of such power and such gifts.

But there is one thing that concerns me about these divine forces that are invoked. I merely wish to state my concern. So, with all humility, I submit this concern with love and care for you to take what resonates and leave the rest. Even as I write this I ask myself: Is it helpful? Is it necessary? Is my heart in it?

These forces can be seductive and attractive enough to hook us in. And when we are hooked, we're unaware of the impact of our actions on others as these forces are driving the bus. They have no morality in terms of good or evil. Their power can be directed either way and sometimes both at the same time. I state this knowing I am capable of being hooked and causing harm unconsciously. And that is where my concern lies in posting this thread. When I work with my unconscious my best tool (not weapon) to work with it is to "put it in front of me."

I will say no more about this on the thread. I believe you know how to ask for what you want and what you need - and have every right to do that here without judgment.

Just know that I am your friend, I love you, I love Sean and I love everyone who has put energy towards helping you and your team. And you can depend on me for anything I am able to give to you.

Love and light,


Thank you, my dear friend, for your forthright thoughts here. I am totally honored that you would share this with me, with us. Your words have triggered a couple of things in me that I wish to share with you.

The very first thing, when you spoke about the divine forces being invoked, was an experience I had back in 2003 on the ranch in Northern New Mexico. It was an experience that certainly changed my "view" on a lot of things. Let me share it with you.

One night, I was awakened in the wee hours of the morning, not by sound but by a sense of a presence. I got out of bed and ventured to the living area where this "unseen energy" seemed most prominent to my feel. I immediately stated "out loud" without hesitancy or question but with a calm reserve, "You do not have my invitation to come into my home unannounced. If you wish to commune with me, then you will knock on my door and ask my permission. You do not come into my home without my permission. Now, go!"

It was like the air being let out of a balloon. Whoosh! And the unseen, uninvited energy was gone. I felt no fear, only a sense of ownership of my being and I nodded my head and went back to bed and slept peacefully.

As I have come to know, No one or No thing can take my power away unless "I" allow it. And that has not changed for me and I don't believe it ever will.

This beautiful Universe that we occupy has many facets to discover. Fear is the basis of all complaints. In my knowing that I am an eternal being, I have no fear nor complaints. Albeit that comes from my Near Death Experience in 1994 wherein I was treated to the All Knowing, All Loving "All That Is" Experience of Being One with Everything - the Totality of Communion in the essence of pure Bliss. So, I know first hand what exists one instant from me now. I am simply walking through this Life for the Pure Experience of All Things. And in that knowing, that I can only take with me, what I have given of me. Simple is that, it is.

I cherish this life experience with respect for all in whom I have come in contact with to help teach me what is available to learn on this plane of experience. And, as always, Love is the prominent factor.

Consciousness breeds Intention. Intention breeds Wanted Outcome. Wanted Outcome would be Peace in every circumstance. And yes, that varies for everyone what that might be.

So, the bottomline seems to be the creation of one's own experience to define what one most wants to exact in this occurance of energies.

Loving you as always,
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