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As always, we may have bad moments but not bad days.

As it turns out, Sean did not have to go to the hospital. His caregiver's were able to get the in-house doctor to order mega anti-biotics for him and to put him on a PRN pain meds.

Today, I walked in and he was sleeping. I spoke to his roommate, Don, and Sean's eyes came open at my voice and I asked, "Are you hungry?" He then proceeded to sit up in bed and said, "Yes, ma'am!" It was good to see him smile. So, again, we are going through the healing of the bladder and kidneys so that we can get back to the weaning. And throughout the all of this, the most important thing is the joy in bringing Sean and his roommate, Don, "real food" to eat as they call it.

After 18 months, it doesn't seem to get any easier but it does seem to go in some kind of pattern that we can hold on to in some way. We just know that we may have a bad moment but that it doesn't necessarily indicate a bad day. So, we attempt to make the best of every moment.

There are so many different people's perceptions that affect Sean's experience. Keeping up with and dealing with that has been an amazing feat in itself. Attempting to get everyone on the same page seems to be my greatest agenda. But, hey, I have gotten really good at it. I now push through a lot of bullshot and just get right to the point. And if someone cannot hear me, I just hang up and go on to the next one. I have learned, there are those who can actually listen and respond. Those that can't, I don't waste my time on, because they have no clue and never will. Blessing them on their way.

So, here we are just appreciating all that we have and all that we have come through and are going through. Knowing that we will always come out on top of it all.

Thanking you all for your continued support in our journey of healing.

Love you all,
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