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Dear Shirley

Im so sorry this is happening to you

I dont have children but I do have parents. They have not always done things in the perfect way .. I think no parent does. But I know that everything they have done or not done regarding their children has been made in good belief and intensions , they have always tried the best they can from time to time and I know they love me.

I sincerely hope things will work out between you and your daughter. Things like this should be solved in a more healthier way then your daughter is doing. Things like this should be solved within the family. I hope she will realise that very soon Shirley.

You are my lady and I am so grateful for many good things you and your writings have brought to my life

like someone here said , try to keep your head high through this wave and find your strenght.

I will send you my best energy, thoughts and prayers

Love and hugs,
when you reach the end of your rope , tie a knot in it and hang on
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