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Just to change the subject a bit;
I was reading thru the homepage today and there's a link there
that takes you to all of Shirley's books and the link states:
"My Books - Truthful Expressions of Myself as I Grow and Learn and Mature"

Amen to that! And maybe MORE than that! Because they help others
find expression in themselves. They show others a way to get the
inner core of themselves. Lord knows 'Don't Fall Off the Mountain"
was a very profound and magical one for me. It set me on the
most wonderful journey back to myself and even beyond myself.
All i gotta say is you're a class act in my book, Ms MacLaine.
i don't know why... but sometimes when i'm posting it just seems
right to call you Ms MacLaine. I hope you don't mind.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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