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Default Thank YOU, Lura, for hitting the nail on the head.

Lura - I quite agree with you that those who are most likely hurt by this are Shirley's grandchildren. Having been betrayed by both of my parents from when I was three years old and my maternal grandmother, meaning well, told them that I was gay (this was 1964), until the hour that I came home with my high school diploma and they threw me out of the house, it was my grandparents who fearlessly, to the absolute best of their ability, saved me over and over again from going under. Inspiration came from other sources as well, including Shirley herself (see above); it was my grandparents who did the most for me. And I am certain that I didn't realize most of this at the time. Knowing now how essential these better people were to me, knowing how they were able to mold me to get me to where I am, knowing that an even better, dare I say, far better, grandparent is under attack now makes me hope that this will not come between her and these two who need her whether or not they realize this in the present moment.

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