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I think you hit the nail on the head, Deb --- there just has to be something to learn from such heartbreaking, painful betrayals like this ....

I have no doubt that Shirley is (maybe?) using this incident as a means to increase her capacity to love and forgive people who hurt her ... Sachi, on the other hand, does not strike me as a particularly self-reflective soul and ultimately it's she who will be damaged the most by all of this.

I love and respect Shirley's response - she knows her Truth and doesn't waiver, nor does she seek revenge or even attempt to "set the record straight." Wouldn't the media just swoon to get a mother-daughter war publicly raging?! HA! Perhaps that's what Sachi's hoping for?!

Know who I feel REALLY sad for? Sachi's son & daughter. Their mother's book gets pretty graphic and her "poor victim me" stance makes her come across as being a helpless waif. NOT a great legacy to leave for her own children so she's hurting even more than her mom here ... Poor kids

Rats. This whole thing is just too darn sad. But I'm over my anger at Sachi. Now I just feel sorry and sad for her. I will pray for all involved in this ...

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