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Oh, Loa, what a beautiful question that just invited me to reply to you.

In your question, where does the soul reside, it is like asking where does "God" reside? Where does the "All That Is" reside? For certainly we each are a "Whole" being within the "Whole OF Being".

And then it came to me, that I, my soul, resides in everything that I perceive in my consciousness. Therefore, I am only able to express my soul knowing from my consciousness which in turn is expressed through my perceptions. So, then, my Soul resides in my perceptions. Because, if it isn't in my consiousness, I cannot perceive it, it just doesn't exist for me.

Therefore, my "Soul" is not contained soley within this physical body in which I currently reside but also in everything and everyone I come in contact with. My "Soul" encompasses my whole ability to perceive within sight, feeling and the greater portion thereof in cognitive knowing, the place in consciousness that has no specific location.

Thank you for this question, it certainly expanded me.

Love you,
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