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Default where is your soul located ?

hi friends
I havent posted for a long time now and thought I had to refresh a little my excellent english
I have read few books and posts here about meditation in the last 7 years or so. Sometimes Ive been active in doing meditations, but for the last months it has finally found its place in my daily routine. I went to a course on Raja yogha and was very pleased with it , so now I mostly use the technic they recomment.

What was difficult for me in the beginning had to do with where they locate the soul , in the forehead where the third eye is. I had always concentrated on the heart chakra and somehow I always thought and felt like my soul was there. When I first started with concentrating on my soul at the " new place" I somtimes experianced headaches but know I'm getting to like this a lot. Feels like Im able to flow more above the emotions of the heart , sort of.

Do you have any thoughts or experiance about this thing ?

Love and farvel to you ,
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