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Default coming back

Journey of Souls:

case studies:S stands different subjects not the same one.

DR:now that you have had the chance to adjust to your surroundings in the spirit world tell me what effect this place has on you.
S:IF so warm and comforting im relieved to be so far away from earth.I just want to stay here always.There is no tension or worried only a sense of well being.I'm floating how beauitful.
DR:What is next impression as you pass the gateway.
DR:What familiarity
S:People ...friends are here
DR:do you see these people of earth
S:I have sensation of there presence
DR:WHat do you see next
S:lights ...soft.. kind of cloudy like
DR:as you move does it look the same
S:no they growing blobs of energy....and I know they are people
DR:are they drifting towards you or you to them
S:we are together but I am slow as I am uncertain
DR:just relax report what you see
S:I am seeing half human shapes from the waist up and I can see through them
DR:do you see any features
DR:just eyes
S:a trace of a mouth and they are coming all around me......
DR:does each entity have two eyes
S:thats right
DR:do the eyes look human
S:No large black orbs
DR:go on
S:I am starting to recognize them they are sending images into my mind....thoughts about themselves and ....the shapes are changeing into people
S:Yes oh look .....its him
S:she begins to laugh and cry......ITs Larry ,he was my husband from a previous life we were so happy together.
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