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So sorry Shirley that you have to go through this, my heart was broken when I saw your daughter on the tv and realized that it must have brought you so much pain, definitely in your heart too. Nothing hurts as much as when your child does things that knowingly hurt you, its a real knife to the heart. I have a sometimes troubled relationship with my daughter, and I do my best to manage it but sometimes it is so difficult its hard to see through the hurt and come out the end. The only explanation I can find and I have searched high and low for the reasons behind these troubling relationships, is chinese astrology. The animal system describes the particular personality traits of persons relating to their times of birth. The prevailing energy at that time. I believe this to be the most accurate form of astrology and it goes back thousands of years. Like a snake will not get along with a chicken, that kind of thing. I am a generally mellow, kind, caring kind of person as I have had a tough upbringing, but for some reason my daughter just is very difficult at times. She even is friends with her friends mothers on facebook, but not me. And even lied to me for two years about being on there. Just the fact that I realised she can be a liar so easily troubled me.
But I know one thing, we live in very difficult times, our industrialized world, together with wars, violence everywhere, sexually suggestive tv shows, sexualization of women in media, illnesses and poor food choices have all got us to where we are today. It will take a lot of effort and a lot of inner calmness for us to get through our trials and tribulations. I wish the best for you. I will be using the Buddhist prayer above too, you should try it.
For behold the kingdom of heaven is within you. Luke 17:21
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