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Default From the beginning your ego is desided

Dr:How many
S:I can think of four
DR:what would you call these areas of activity
S:the world without ego;the world of all knowing;the worldof creation and non creation;amd the world of altered time.
DR:are they worlds which exist in our phyical world
Sne does the rest are non dimensional spheres of attention
DR:all right, lets start with the non dimensional spheres of attention
DR:why do you call all these spiritual areas worlds
S:I see them as habiatations for the spiritual world
DR:so three of them are mental worlds
S:yes thats what they are
DR:what is the world without ego
S:its the place learning to be
DR:I have heard it expressed in different ways
S:yes the newly created soul is there to learn who they are.its the place of origin
DR:are the ego identies passed out at random or is there a choice for beginners souls
S:the new soul is not capable of choice .you acquire your character based upon the way your energy is combined put together for you.
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