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Its a long time I haven't write about Ufoes, but I have to tell you..that the last month here in the mountain of Mijas/Spain....I can see they are flying closer to us , they have something to do...the space craft is unmanned they are here to clean the ozone layer and the atmosphere around the Earth.

There is so many questions why they are close to the Earth,..they have been here from the very beginning before the planet was inhabited by people, we are only here on politeness visit LOL,...

For we can form a picture and understand we are not alone in the universe, have UFOs always been close to this planet.

And sometimes they "jump" vitamins in the deep sea, regain the balance ..thus we the people destroy so much by the chemical waste...around the world...that if we not get help from out of space,...the planet lifeforms would die little by little.

That's why we sometimes can see with the 3 eye, many UFOs is near our planet these days.

They are not here to frighten us,..we are many world wide to telepathically understand why they are here....and can share our knowledge,.in-between in books, articles, drawings etc.etc.

I think we are in a time age where many new wonderful experiences by fusions with our knowledge and know how, can be created and developed in the our own insights from our friends in the space, make many new topics, and tools to eliminate the pollutions, new kind of hospitals, new kind of energy by the Sun, everyone on the Earth have food and water, we can become better at coping with natural disasters etc.etc.

Sometimes we feel that we have visit...could be we know has lifted our consciousness to another fine tuned level..that make oneself to "tune inn" to our space friend/s and see what is going on..out there and in there in UFOs, bemanned og unmanned....thus the huge mother-ships is normally bemanned with people who have and do their job in space, sometimes they are near our planet,..but they never my point of view. etc.

The photo is from my backyard..2004...unmanned ufoes.?

Have GREAT Sunday

Love to all
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