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Default Happy New Chinese Year of the Snake

Dear Hearts

New Moon on 10 February starts New Year in Chinese calendar the year of Snake.

I was born in 1953 and my sign is water Snake, so I hope that this year will be very lucky for me.

Here is this month New Moon theme in true sidereal zodiac position from

This Lunar Month's Theme


February 10, 2013 - March 11, 2013

Our New Moon of February 10, 2013 lies in late sidereal Capricorn where the constellations Aquarius and Capricorn overlap. Conjoining stars include Nashira of Capricorn, Beta Gruis and Sadalsuud of Aquarius. These stars express a progressive and fortuitous energetic, often associated with good tidings, especially regarding business dealings and legalities. They impel articulate expression and are action oriented.

The New Moon squares the Lunar Nodes, creating a T-square. This adds an additional and very potent dynamic to this lunar cycle, inviting movement from patterns of the past, revealed by the South Node stars, toward a new focus revealed by the North Node stars. The South Node also conjoins recently discovered Sedna—marking a very significant lunar cycle for the emergence of the feminine force in the world, and all that the feminine exemplifies and embodies, including bountifulness and abundance expressed from and claimed by the Heart.

Several planetary aspects occur in the first few days of the lunar cycle. Many more continue throughout the lunar month, making for a dynamic lunar cycle, one that is mobilizing and that impels progressive and wide sweeping change.

The Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter-Vesta Yod continues to play a dynamic role throughout this lunar cycle, and is triggered by several aspecting planets, including the Pallas-Pluto square and the Venus-Saturn square. Mighty Jupiter and the asteroid Vesta have completed their retrogrades impelling expansive mobilization regarding the Yod’s Aldebaran theme.

Several other events also occur in this lunar cycle. Mercury, Venus and Mars conjoin Chiron in sidereal Aquarius. Mercury also begins its retrograde and a new Earth-Mercury 116-day synodic cycle. Saturn stations to begin its retrograde in sidereal Libra just after First Quarter Moon—creating another dynamic to the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter Yod, which continues to the March Equinox. Dreamtime can be extra-revelatory in this lunar cycle. Our Last Quarter Moon can motivate a life-changing turn.

These are just a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical astrology and synodic astrology.

"The stars would not be in the heavens if we were meant to walk in darkness."

Here is another website that shows planetary events in true sidereal zodiac

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