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Default Hi dear friends

Hi to all

I am sitting here looking over the mountains and listing to the birds and the silence...and thinking why so many world wide is open to the spirit world, so many have lots of experiences from inner insight of the cosmic energy, by the 3 of universal pictures and messages to oneself, to share with people around us.

We have in many years now learn to use our own abilities to heal and help others by spiritual ways ..and are aware of it is an extra tool to clean the body from illnesses and depressive thoughts.

But why do we receive negative energy when we have a tiny little spot of lack in our soul.....and have to re-start our healing process again and again.

Could it be...if we don't understand why? this is happen "for me"...we have to change this situation we are are into in this moment...look deep in our own situation and understand deep in the core...that what ever it is...have to do something about..even if it is impossible...then we have to dick deep in the SOUL and mIND to come inside the point of our own situation..and THEN can see why....even we are used to heal our-self......sometimes we have to start from the zero point,.....and look within and work with see with new eyes.....and then we have the gift our spirituality as an extra be healed.

So don't forget to heal and believe in this wonderful universal POWER energy we all can use in our daily life...........its not an obvious energy....its a divine gift from a LIGHT source we all can receive...when we take our-self seriously and understand the whole picture.

30 more and less years we have known all this,..we have healed and be a part of a collective energy,.world wide we have done our "work",...our spiritual job ..its an never ending story....but the most wonderful is we are all connected to share and talk about our experiences like here on Shirley`s E.B., makes me thinking of..that I feel so happy when I am around/together with all of you..thus we need to feel this cohesion also healing in the soul..that we are sharing and caring for each other..its a step forward to new inspirations .

I believe everything is meant to be...sometime it can go in slow motion...and then like this morning I learn patience ...that we use our cosmic knowledge different on different levels of universal learning,...and that's why we ....have imbalances know and body, soul andīmind even we are good and great healers etc......and sometimes we could take the time to read within our own come back to the road again,..and that is wonderful we have that extra tools , an extra level The SPIRUALLITY.

Love Ulla
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