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Default LIfe between life this suppose to happen.

IN her books she writes of very loving tones of her daughter and they had a good relationship.As far as hollywood alot of children of stars don't make it Clint Eastwoods son and daugther.I think its just a matter of dumb luck timing.Example Kuctener 3 and half men.
When people are poor desperate they will almost anything ,like I said before the only reason our kids don't write stuff is we are not famous and who would read it.
Shirly knows I am on her side as fellow awake person.I am just a fan and don't really count for anything.Its unfortune they have to do this to each other,
I have three children and my son was having alot trouble in High school because I was getting divorced.THe psychologist said to my son 'I understand your problems becasue I came from disfunctional home."
I said to myself who does come from one.
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