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Default A request for feedback

It occurred to me that it would be good if people considering whether or not to buy Shirley's daughter's book be able to see Shirley's response on the page for the book itself. So, without speaking to anyone whomever connected to this website, I spent parts of yesterday and early this morning placing Shirley’s response, attributed to her, on 9 out of the 10 Amazon websites worldwide, along with Barnes and Noble and Alibris so that it would be the earliest 'review.' I wasn’t planning on mentioning this to anyone until I saw (and was really unprepared for) the negativity of the responses to this; perhaps I am naïve in presuming that the response of the person about whom a book has been written would be, in any way really, ‘unhelpful.’

If you are already a customer of Amazon, please feel free to log in and look at the quote, deciding for yourself whether or not it is 'helpful.' I placed the quote on my own Amazon account as I wanted to make no bones about the fact that I was a real person; if an Amazon customer checks my reviews, they can tell that I have chosen to review items for almost ten years. In my opinion, whether or not the second review posted chronologically (the person who created the five star review) is, perhaps, a fiction of the publisher - a "Timothy Kash" - I leave for you to decide; as it happens, "Mr. Kash" has never chosen to review a work on Amazon previously. Please feel free to decide whether his review is helpful to you or not, too. I am relieved, as I write this, that two more reviews have been written with more honesty and candor than the second review.

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