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Default Part 3 same Email

2 friends wanted me to make a formal complaint, but I didn't want to because of 2 reasons: the main one was because I knew how hard and long you worked to get to this point in your life - 2nd because I didn't have concrete proof- but it made no matter to me either way - why bother?

I am more angry and hurt then you probably realize mostly because out of all the staff here right now you have helped me the most.

After I sent that Email to you saying I hoped you would eat sugar on Thanksgiving Day and go into a diabetic coma and we had that meeting with our supervisor I told her everything afterwards when I asked to see her in private. I told her everything, the flirting, the inuendos and the talk we had at the medical office.

The rest of the Email is full of the same; I never did get an apology or any kind of explanation. What happened was the guy showed the letter to our supervisor and we ended up having a meeting. The immediate supervisor was pregnant and going on maternity leave the following week. The meeting consisted of her, the woman who was taking her place, me and my new staff person. The conclusion after I finished speaking: that the guy and I were poisonous for each other and that we were not allowed to communicate on any level: no verbal communication, no Emails, & no phone calls.
Afterwards, when both supervisors left and my new staff person left, I confronted him with what I was told. He was told the same thing. He was, at that time, my proxy, and he said he would remain so as he had no ill feelings against me. I told him neither did I all I wanted was an apology and he had to turn this into a federal case.
What a bummer.
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