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Default Part 2- same Email

I am angry and hurt over the fact you lied to me telling me it was all in my head and I was paranoid delusional when you were flirting and giving me those inuendo hints of possibiities of us being together.

All I wanted was the truth, that it isn't going to happen because you and your gf recounciled. RM and you are together out of obligation, I know you are moving out. As for me and my ex, nothing of a romantic nature is going on with him and I. He doesn't seem to want our relationship back and it would be counter productive for me for the simple reason he is stagnated.
When my ex was hospitalized I went to take care of his place and the cats as when I was hospitalized and in the nursing home every day he came to visit. He even came to see me the day after his Mom crossed ovver. He stayed with her untilA she passed holding her as that was her last request, and HE CAME TO VISIT WITH ME IN THE HOSPITAL THE VERY NEXT DAY!
That's the main reason I had to go and take care of his place and the cats. When I spoke to the landlord he was one hot New York minute from evicting Peter and caling the ASPCA I lied to the landlord: told him I would be there the next day to take the cats. Whatever little money I had I utilized to purchase cat food, a water bowl, and cleansers and cat liter as the place was reeking. The woman he dumped me for was a drug addict; she claimed she was taking care of the room and the cats but there was no possibility she was doing that! When I told the landlord on the phone I would take care of everything he changed the lock on my ex's door, gave me the key and $60.00. I did the best I could to get things done there. How could I NOT after all he had done for me?
I don't understand why you just can't tell me you thought it may happen but now can't because of circumstances instead of putting me through all this. Youstated to me we would be friends no matter what, and then you lie to me to my face straight into my eyes!
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