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Originally Posted by ShelleyD

My heart goes out to you at this time. Your public response is dignified and touching and as always you have taken the high road.
Just hold your head high and stand in truth knowing that so many love and support you.
As for me~you can be sure of loyalty, respect, and support always.

Also sending energy and prayers for a higher power protection to surround you as you go through this experience.

Shelley xoxo

I agree Shelley! Shirley can always count on my loyalty, respect and support Always! I will join with you Shelley in sending Shirley energy and prayers for a higher power protection surrounding her through this. She has taken the high road. I am so proud of her for doing that. Like I have said before karma, Karma and more Karma.

Shirley you are the better person!! Always remember that no matter what. Heart of Gold

Love ya
All My Love,

Robin 🌻🍀🍒
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