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I have kind of a creepy story to tell. This happened years ago when I was about 12 years old and living in Arkansas. My parents and my two brothers had gone to my uncle's house for the day to visit him. He lived down in Haynesville, so I decided to hang out by myself at home, knowing it would probably be an all-day visit. So I'm in my bedroom, watching TV, and I decided to go to the kitchen to get a snack. While walking through the living room, right out of the corner of my eye, I saw something dark colored, over on the far right side of the living room. Out of my peripheral vision, it looked like a greenish-grayish blob-shaped figure. As soon as it caught my attention, I immediately turned to look directly at it. I only saw it for a split second, but it was just long enough to make out enough definition to see that it looked like a soldier kneeling down on one knee. Almost as soon as I looked directly at it, it had vanished. Gone. Of course it kind of freaked me out. But it was the middle of the day when this happened, so I wasn't too scared of what I had just seen. For a few moments I even questioned if I really saw what I thought I just saw. It wasn't until several hours later, when it started to get dark outside, that I started to get a little scared. The darker it got outside, the more creeped out I started to feel being there by myself. At one point I was so freaked out about being alone in the house with them gone, that I actually went outside and sat in the yard for awhile. After a few minutes of that, I started to walk up and down the road, anxiously waiting for my parents and my brothers to come home. As weird as it sounds, I actually felt safer outside in the dark. Every time a car would pull onto our street, I thought it might be them. After awhile, I ended up going back inside and turned on every light in the house. That was the only way I could be in there by myself. When they finally came home, which was much later that night, my mom got kind of irritated with me, and asked me why I had all the lights on, and that's when I told her and my dad about what I had seen. I started off by telling them the "greenish-grayish blob-shaped figure" part of the story. Well before I got a chance to get to the part of the story in which I was able to explain that I thought I saw a soldier kneeling down, they were both already mocking me. Which kind of upset me. I understand why people don't openly talk about "supernatural" things they've experienced. Because close-minded people are too quick to ridicule. I kind of understood why my dad was mocking me, because he was an atheist who didn't believe in ghosts. I don't think he believed in much of anything along those lines, to be honest with you. But my mom, I found out years later, DID believe in ghosts. So I never really understood why SHE chose to mock me. Maybe she thought I made it up to scare my little brothers who were 6 and 8 at the time? Once I realized that they were not going to believe my story, I just stopped talking, and kept the rest of my experience to myself, wishing I had just kept my mouth shut to begin with. For years afterwards, it became a running joke in our house. Someone would say, "Remember that time that Odessa saw that blob-shaped thing", and they would all get a good old laugh out of it. It would usually end with me leaving the room, rather annoyed with all of them for getting pleasure out of embarrassing me.

Well the story didn't come full circle (sorta) until just a few years ago. My brother Joe and I were roommates back in 2007. We were hanging out one night at the apartment here in Dallas, having a few beers, just talking about random stuff. And Joe says, "I have something kind of crazy tell you". Now remember, when I told this story to my parents years ago, I never got to the part in which I was able to go into detail about what I saw. No one ever heard that part of the story. They only heard the part in which I said I saw this greenish-grayish blob-shaped figure, which is funny because I've recently heard other people tell similar stories of seeing apparitions, and they often describe them as appearing greenish-grayish in color. Apparitions are not in full living-color like we are. Well my brother starts to tell me a story in which he ends up describing the exact same thing-> A soldier kneeling down on one knee (though I didn't think to ask him what color it appeared. There was already enough detail that I knew we saw the same thing. The color didn't really matter at that point.) I got chills as soon as he started talking about it. What's even weirder is that we saw it roughly around the same time frame. He said he was around 6 when he saw it, and I was 12 when I saw it, which would have been in 1984 for both of us. He said, "I thought you saw some blob-shaped thing." And I said, "Yes, I didn't get to the part of the story where I was able to go into more detail about what I saw. I also saw what looked like a soldier kneeling down on one knee." It kind of freaked both of us out, to find out 23 years later, that we saw the same thing, roughly the same year. I only saw it that one time, but he said he saw it twice. He said once it was blocking his way so he could not walk through the living room, which of course scared him. I mean, seriously, what 6-year-old would not be scared by something like that? He said he saw it down the hall by our bedrooms, the second time it appeared to him. Again, it was trying to block his way, so he couldn't get by. Creepy stuff, huh?

Hearing his story, I actually sort of felt vindicated, because someone else was able to back up my claim of what I had seen. I wasn't imagining it after all. Actually, I always knew I saw SOMETHING, but more than anything, it upset me that no one believed me as I was trying to talk about it. And no, during these last few years, I never told my parents that my brother also saw it. Since he revealed this to me after he'd had a few beers, they would probably twist it around to where I had "convinced" him that he had seen what I had seen. So I never bothered telling either one of them about it. To be honest, I'm still kind of annoyed with both of them for mocking me.

What exactly was it that we saw? I do have a theory. Now this was in Southern Arkansas, so I've often wondered if there could have been some Civil War soldiers who had maybe decided to hunker down for the night right there in that area. In which case, I'm sure many injured soldiers probably died during the night. This could explain why there was a deceased soldier who was still around, more than a hundred years later. The fact that we both saw him kneeling down, makes me believe that he must have been injured. Now that I think about it, the place always had an eerie feel to it. We grew up about 3 miles outside of town. My brothers and I would often go out into the woods, to play in the creek that ran behind where we lived. But there was always something creepy about the woods. I never went out there by myself, ever. I only went down to the creek if someone else was with me. I also used to go riding on my bike sometimes late at night, when I was in my late teens, and I always felt like I was being watched. And I don't mean like by a neighbor looking out their window. It felt like something else was watching me. Because no matter where I was in the neighborhood, I felt like I was being watched. I'm getting chills right now thinking about it. I have a few other ghost stories about other places that I've lived, but this one might just be the creepiest.
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